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Hi everyone. Been awhile since I posted here but I have a question or two or three...I know for sure somebody here can answer for me.

I am seeing an RE also...and he told my DH and I that my FSH was too high (it was 20.4...on 12/28 it was 3.4) so he couldn't start me on the injectibles. So now I have to have the hormone levels run again (tomorrow is CD 3). He said he'll either put me on a low dose of estrogen to try to lower the FSH level or if it is ok, they will go ahead and start me on the injectibles. My estrogen level was perfect so he can't give me much or it will skew that level too.

My question is this...I am charting (and have been for about 4 months, going on 5) and my charts the last four months all show that I am indeed ovulating. My HSG was clear and normal. My last two cycles have been 26 days each. I ovulated on CD 12 and CD 13 for these past two cycles. How can my FSH be high and he says my brain is telling my ovaries not to ovulate...but my charts show a clear pattern of ovulation?

I am 43 (most of you probably know that already) so time is running out for me at any rate. Anybody have any idea what is going on with me????

Just curious...furious... :( are you? I hope that the spotting has stopped...I hope you are staying off your feet as much as possible, and I also hope you asked the doc about progesterone levels...My prayers are with you and your baby. Try to keep your chin up, sweetie. Put your faith in God. [img][/img]

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