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Re: Mindoo!!!
Apr 23, 2003
I keep all of my caledars with bd, pills, appts, etc. the old fashioned way -- on paper. That way I can lock them up in a safe when company comes to visit. lol.

In regards to the meds, I have minimal side effects from clomid and I respond well to it in regards to growing follies. My side effects include sensations in the ovaries and sometimes minor pain. Right now, I can feel both of my ovaries being very active. I just completed last day of clomid this month. My Ovys feel sorta like they have frquent short cramps or pulsating cramps. It really doesn't hurt -- it's more like just a sensation.

One month I had very bad pain and the doc put me on pain pills for 2 days. I had two months of 100mg clomid back to back. I now know that I can only take clomid about once a quarter or every other month max. This is due to PCOS. I have to give my ovaries a chance to rest.

Clomid produces 3-4 large follies for me. However, I haven't conceived. I had five months of clomid and "marital relations" (my doc's term), and 1 month of clomid and IUI. This will be my second IUI.

My baby sister conceived after her sixth try with clomid. It was also the first time they had given her a dose of 100 mg. Her baby boy is due May 17th. I guess I should invite her to this board to share her fertility success story.

Thanks for all the baby dust! And I'll send it right back at you!

Good Luck,

CD 9. Only 19 days until BF+.
Clomid days 5-9
U/S day 12 - Saturday 4/26
IUI scheduled at u/s

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