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Hi Ladies,

Against my better judgment I took an HPT this morning and it came out negative. My beta was scheduled for today but I can't go so I'm going tomorrow instead. I figured that since I was supposed to have beta today that taking the HPT would give me an "accurate" result. So here's where my question comes in....

The brand I used was First Response - Rapid Result. I took the test, got the negative and then noticed on the box that it expired this past July. The instructions indicate not to use the test once it's expired. But I would think that only being a few months expired wouldn't cause the results to be skewed. What are your thoughts?

Also, DH and I can't remember when ovulation occurs during IVF... we are trying to figure out when I would get my period if this transfer didn't work. Is egg retrieval day considered ovulation, day 3 transfer, or some other date? I had day 5 transfer (blastacyst) on Monday, September 29. Assuming that egg retrieval is peak ovulation then I'm at 14/15 dpo.

I have no symptoms of AF...yet. Normally a few days before I get my period my urine turns darker and I have a slight brown discharge before the full on period starts. So far none of that has happened. I'm really confused, why would HPT be negative but I still have no symptoms of AF coming. Is it possible that my period is late? Is it possible that the test is wrong? Is there a better test to take?


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