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Apr 26, 2003
I saw in another thread that you asked how it was going for me. Thanks for asking! You made my day. :D

I went to the doc's this morning with high expectations. Based on past results at CD16, I was expecting 3-4 20+ mm follies.

This morning the doctor found a second fibroid (to add to the one they found the last trip), and either two or three follies. He had a hard time in determining if my right ovary had one or two. The dominant follie was 16mm and the other one or two were 11-12mm. However, this was on CD12 - four days earlier than any previous cycle u/s. I keep reminding myself that if they grew four more days at a rate of 2mm/day, then this cycle would have been the same as the others. The doctor said the new fibroid was distorting the shape of my utereus and he had a hard time measuring my lining. (This is the first time any doctor has been concerned about my lining.) The doctor also suggested I "might miscarry due to the fibroids." This guy wasn't very positive about anything. (It was also the first time I met him. In my first four visits to this new practice which has four docs, I've met each doc once.)

I go back on Monday for another u/s and hCG shot. If the u/s is OK, they will inseminate me on Tuesday morning. (My hubby said "I need a porn video. How in the heck am I supposed to give a sample at 7:30 in the morning in a sterile little room?" My dh is not a morning man. I cracked up thinking of the other posts on this subject.)

I initally felt like I was falling apart after I left the docs office. (See my post on the caffine thread.) Last two months I had cysts, now I have fibroids.

With respect to the follies, I think I'm getting greedy. Shame on me! lol I only want one baby, and Bmoncher conceived with only one follie. I'm horrible for wanting the four follies I've had in the past with 100 mg clomid. I also keep reminding myself that the two or three that I have will grow and they will be sufficient size when they do my IUI.

On my way home from the doctors, my sister called and said she was driving in to spend the day. So, I spent a wonderful day with her and my three nieces. I'm now exhausted but over little self pity party. I've been trying very hard to be positive this cycle and only think about one outcome, +++! I see a different doctor on Monday and hopefully he will have a better outlook. I'm not going to let Mr. Negative doctor rain on my parade!

Also, I started feeling my right ovary more late this afternoon. That's a good sign. The doc asked my this morning which side I had follies on, and I said I didn't know. I hadn't had any sensation since day 9. Thinking back on the past, I've always had the sensations later in the month - usually day 14 or 15. I think I just have long cycles.

Sorry about rambling..... [img][/img]

Baby dust to you,

CD 12. Only 16 days until BF+.
u/s & hCG shot on Monday, IUI on Tuesday (if Mon scan OK).

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