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Hi Tmerone.
Glad you went for a second opinion .
I to have a "high" FSH I have been tested 3 times
I st time was 11. some thing then went down to 10
2 weeks ago it was 8.2 .
From what I have learned from my RE and the folks at the A.I.A fertility conference that I went to Sunday is that as you get older you FSH starts to fluctuate. It is most usually a sign that your ovarian reserve of eggs is running out and the quality of eggs is on the decline . My RE started me on injectables / IUI
I produce only 1-3 follies and am concidered a "poor responder" - not enough eggs for IVF . I was on 4 ams a day Pergonal Ist cycle . Last 2 cycles were 6 amps Repronex . My RE said statisticlly chances at my age are about equal with IUI as IVF both slim . I am probably doing 1 more round mid May or June , Have a second opinion appointment scheduled for June . I am seeing a Acupuncturist who specializes in infertility Friday . How many eggs did the new RE say you needs to produce to do the IVF cycle . I hope + pray whatever route you take gives you a beautiful baby !!!!
Old Flo

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