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Generally, implantation bleeding is very light spotting, dark brownish red, and usually only lasts for up to 48 hours. Obviously every on is slightly different so they can have longer spotting, brighter spotting, etc.

With my first IVF cycle I ended up with an ectopic pregnancy. I started spotting brownish red and it wouldn't stop. It then became bright red blood, sometimes light and sometimes heavy. I thought all of this was from implantation but then it wouldn't stop, it was getting heavier and brighter red. turned out the blood was because the embrio was burrowing near blood vessels in my fallopian tube and some other things (too long to go into).

I'm not saying that you're bleeding is definately an ectopic....not at all. Give it one more day to see if it stops. In the mean time you should definately call your doctor to let them know what's going on. Maybe they will move up the beta?


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