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I've been wanting to write since I first saw your post. But, I knew my reply would take awhile and I was only home 7 hours yesterday -- Just enough time to sleep and shower lol.

My dh had his first SA in 10/2001. He had medium count (50M) and excellent mobility. It Jan 2003, his count was 30M (borderline low) and 67% motiltiy. They did the test for our first IUI. The washed count was 1.6M. The dr commented this low count would make it hard to conceive naturally, but it was perfect for IUI. (They need above 1M washed for a good count for an IUI.) I got very sick (bad virus) after my first IUI and had to take a lot of medicine becasue of a fever. That could have significantly contributed to the failure of that IUI. But, my point here is that even though his normal count was low (30M), the washed count was fine for IUI.

About 8 days ago, we tried IUI for a second time. In February, dh started taking 2 types of blood pressure medicine for severe hypertension. His count for this second IUI/SA was 15M normal and 900K washed, 47% motiltiy. They went ahead and tried the IUI anyway even though the washed SA was sub-par. The doctor really doesn't think it's going to work. Even before we find out the result next week, the dr's office called us back and asked dh to give another sperm sample. I imagine they are going to ask him to go to an urologists. Also, I think they are going to nix anymore IUIs and recommend we go straight to IVF. (This just after I finally got my insurance to pay for the IUIs. - lol ) So, I understand perfectly your fears about what could be happening to your DH. Mine was fine just 18 months ago, and things are starting to drop off rapidly.

My dh is also overweight (he's even considering stomach redution weight loss surgery.) If this is successful, his blood pressure will probably drop, and he can get off his meds. I hope the meds are the cause of his bad SA. I don't want there to be another cause.

So now the plan is to keep praying for a BFP next week. A few people have mentioned that they became pg with only one follie, other people have mentioned they became pg under adverse circumstances. I'm really praying for one of these little miracles.

If not.... well...... I have been trying not even to think about that. I'm trying to keep my mindset 100% on a positive outcome. Every other attemp, my mind set was AF due in XX days and sure enough AF came. My mind set this time is XX days until BFP. But, seriously if AF comes, we are going to take a long break. I'll give my dh some time to address his medical problems. Any kids we have need a healty dad.

I hope you get news that things are not as bad as they seem. Maybe his count is sufficient enough to do an IUI.

Good Luck and keep us posted.


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