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Hi ladies. I was just reading this board and thought if I can give any word of encouragement I would. My husband and I tried for four years and I am twelve weeks pregnant. I tried clomid on and off for six months. Had a D&C because I had bleeding in between periods ... very regular .. but the bleeding in between got old. I always had bad cramps but what woman doesn't? Or so it seemed. I seemed to have difficulty ovlulating although the eggs seemed to have no problem developing. Sometimes they just seemed trapped and other times I was sure I ovulated. Anyway, I got pregnant the month after the D&C and miscarried at six weeks. Nothing happened again for two and a half years. I started the injections and even IUI with those. 4-5 cycles that appeared to be perfect. My doctor conversed with the specialist and they recommended that 75% of the time if everything else seems to be working there is something else going on.
So, here I was two and a half years later and I had a lap done in February. My doc didn't think he would find anything but wanted to be sure. Well, my doc did discover that the outside of my uterus was covered with endo and it was pretty advanced. He cauterized it and instead of going straight to IVF we continued like we were and I got pregnant three weeks later. I had my first period without tons of pain and had all of the symptoms of ovulation etc. I wish you the very best of luck!!! I never thought I had symptoms of endo either but you never know. My doc said some people have severe symptoms and hardly any.
Again ... everyone is different but I was soooo glad to finally find out it wasn't all in my head and that there was no explanation.
I still worry that something could go wrong ... because there are no guarantees but regardless of what happened after the endo I finally had an answer.
Baby dust to all of you special ladies.

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