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Hi girls!!!!!!!!!
I am officially in the 2 ww now! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
I had my IUi done today bright and early this morning!!!!!!My dh's sperm ct..(post washed) was 13.4!million! YAY! thats the highest (for him) its been after the washing..yay!!scrub a dub dub spermies!!the highest count he had was in march at 10.4 mil! so maybe the vitamins are working.!!
VITAVETAVEGEMIN!!!!!!they like to see 10million-50million for post wash cts. Normal range for sperm is 20-380million (before wash)..reference range...

MARE.. do you have a HANGOVER today!??? don't worry ....I won't SHOUT! lol! I crashed last nite at 10pm and slept til 5am this morning,,,then drove an hr to the hospital.Dont party too much ! lol,,Youre gonnna have the munchies and youll have to get your asz to Wegman's for some good food!!!!!!!!!
I go back for a beta hcg in 15 days!! ( I hope)..if af shows its hideous head..i take a break for 1 month and do injectibles again in beginning of July..(the dr. says he wants the ovaries to rest a while)........hopefully there won't be A NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!!
MOMMA: When do u test ???soon I hope! I amrooting for u!!!!!
have a great day !to everyone! I am going to go vacuum and make some choc. chip cookies!!!!!!!! Anne (annie sex)

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