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hi lilybug,

I also have low progesterone levels, so I start using prog. supp. 2 DPO...I found some info about low prog. on the internet that I thought could be helpful for you.. :)

Q: What is considered a normal progesterone level?
A: Progesterone levels are usually well below 5 ng/ml without ovulation.
Progesterone levels rise after ovulation, and the rise can usually be detected about a week after ovulation.
There are no "normal" progesterone levels after ovulation, they can change from one day to the other and even from one hour to the next. Everyone will have slightly different levels. Progesterone levels after ovulation (midluteal, middle of the second half of the cycle) in a non-pregnant patient are generally at least 8 to 10 ng/ml. Much lower levels usually mean you did not ovulate.
If you are pregnant, progesterone levels are usually at least 10 to 12 ng/ml to have a better chance of a good pregnancy outcome and most doctors like to see progesterone levels around 16-18 ng/ml or more.
With an ectopic pregnancy progesterone levels are lower when compared to an intrauterine pregnancy.
There are differences as to what to do if progesterone levels are low after ovulation. Some doctors suggest giving progesterone (pills, shots, or suppositories) and others do not treat unless there has been some proof of a preexisting low progesterone in non-pregnancy cycles.

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