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Tammy, welcome to the boards. I haven't had as much time to post much lately, but I always keep up on reading. I had a close friend of mine end up with a very severe case of OHSS after her first round of IVF. 2 days before her beta she went in because she had a huge stomach and she is a size 1 person. That's when they discovered it, and she found out a few days early that she was pregnant, then a week later that it was twins! She was in the hospital for 5 weeks with a draining tube and pg with the twins! Her and the babies made it through and they are 2 years old now, but it was very scary. I have PCOS which makes OHSS more common. My friends experience scared me. I'm sorry you had to go through that. We did our first IVF and I got my BFP with my beta on 10/10 and I'm very anxiously waiting for my ultrasound. I wish you the very best and I will be watching for your results.

Congrats! That is such wonderful news! Like Mandy, I love seeing such positive results as I am currently preparing for oru first round of IVF! We start our injections on Wednesday and it is so exciting to think that I could possibly have a BFP over the course of the next few weeks.....of course daunting that if could result in a BFN as well, but I try to tell myself that it will be a BFP as I strongly believe that our minds have so much to do with how our bodies perform!

Like Jess said, it seems a little strange that you would not have a repeat beta until 1/9, with my past experiences with BFP's (which all resulted in tubals) and also with everyone that I have seen on these boards, it is so important to see that your beta's are doubling about every 48 hours. Have you had a chance to check with your RE to confirm your next beta really is not until 1/9?

Keep us posted and good luck!


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