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Well we went and he confirmed what the other urologist did 3 years ago. He has 1 vas differin. Well he told us that he was going to check his hormones and if they were low he could put him on 25mg of clomid. We wont know the results until next week. He said that it is only 1/3 rd of a chance it will improve the count. Thats only a little over 33%. That sure isnt much hope. We have a 10 year old and we werent trying when we got pregnant. I was 22 at the time. Then we got pregnant after trying for 5 to 6 months when our second child. I was 28 at the time but he died at birth. I want another baby so bad especially after mybaby died. I got pregnant again july 06 but miscarried. The dr said that my husband probably had low sperm count all his life but i was in my 20s and its easier to get pregnant by a man with low sperm count in your 20s. Im a little mad at my husband. Not because he has 1 kidney (my son died of no kidneys), not because he has 1 vas differin (which the dr said it could cause his sperm to be cut in half), not because he has low sperm count. The reason Im mad is because the dr said we could of probably had more children if I was in my 20s. I am 33 now and he said that after the age 30 womens eggs age and its harder for us to get pregnant by someone who has low sperm count. Im mad because when my 10yr old was 2, I wanted another baby and fought me on it for 3 years. He finally agreed when my son was 5 but then it took us 5 to 6 months to get pregnant. He treated me bad when i was pregnant because he didnt want anymore children. He would say, u got what u wanted. Then my baby died. Now i feel like he got what he wanted, 1 child and 1 child only. I sit here a cry for my baby that died. If only he was here i wouldnt be feeling this way.
People tell me all the time, if u have another baby it will help u with the lost of your baby. I know thats true but i havent been able to have another one. Do u think Im wrong for resenting my husband? I feel so bad about how I feel right now.
He has been wearing boxers and taker fertilityaid for around a little over 5 weeks now. His sperm count is 8 million. Is there anyone else going through this?

I wish i could afford IVF but my hours at work has been cut in half and i only bring home around 200.00 a week. Im suffering and there is no jobs around my area.

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