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I have been ttc for 9 years off and on. (2 marriages)
I have endo and have had 3 laps over the years. With my first husband we tried IUIs with Clomid,no injectables. I haven't been on BCP since then, because I figured "What's the point**I can't get pregnant anyway" I met my DH and we've been married for 3 years. I'm 371/2 years old. I was running out of time.
We went to the RE and did the HSG and my tubes weren't blocked. I did the u/s and I had 3 cysts on my ovaries and both ovaries were attached to my utterus. My RE wanted to do another lap and then IUI. I was really lucky my insurance would pay for infertility up to a certain amount. I could either do 1 IVF or 6 IUIs.
I gambled with the IVF because of the better chances and I didn't the memories of my 1st marriage with the IUIs. I took BCPs for a 21/2 weeks and then started on Lupron 2 weeks after cycle day 2.
I started Gonal F injections on the next cycle day 2. So I was taking 3 injections a day for the next 9 days. It seemed longer than that! Then got the HCG shot. They retrieved 9 eggs. Only 4 fertilized. All four were 8 cell embryos. My RE wanted to transfer only 3, but what was I going to do with the 4th? I couldn't just freeze 1 embryo. So I talked him into transferring 4! I felt alot of pressure because I was hoping there would be more to freeze. They transfereed my 4 little embies and I started taking IM prog shots since then. I left it in God's hands after that.
Each and every one of us is going to get to experience motherhood. I just know it! I am here for all of you.
Baby Dust is coming your way!

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