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Hey Guys!!

I am on cycle day 10 and I went for my bloodword and u/s today. They told me that I have 17 follies on one side and 16 on the other, but that my biggeest ones right now are 12. Should they be bigger at this time?? They have decided to decrease my follistem intake from 150 units to 100, because my estrogen was at 900 something, but have kept me at 75menopur, and my 5 units of lupron in the morning. Does anyone know what all this means? I feel like I did all this research but now that I'm actually doing it, I've gone blank. If anyone has any knowledge or suggestions for me please HELP!!!


I can't help you on the dosage part because my husband gives me the shots so I never paid enough attention on the "whys and hows" on the meds. I can tell you that my RE does the retrieval when there are follies that are atleast 20 and over in size.

I think they may have decreased the follistim so you don't hyperstimulate since you seem to have so many on both ovaries...that would be my guess.

I think Jessica is right on both of your questions. Try not to get nervous every time your dr changes your dose. It doesn't mean something is wrong. My first IVF cycle, I stayed on the same dosage of everything the whole time & I got BFP...unfortunately, my numbers didn't rise like they were supposed to & the pregnancy didn't progress. My second IVF cycle, my dosages were adjusted almost every day & I thought something must be wrong. I got BFP again that cycle & this time it stuck. I'm expecting next month! :D:D So just hang in there, have faith in your dr, & don't be afraid to ask questions. My u/s were always done by a US tech & I would always ask her what she thought. Of course, she always reminded me that the final decision was up to the RE, but she could guess on whether or not he would want me to trigger based on her experience working with him. Oh yeah, as for your other question, I do not think your follicles are too small for this time. If you're on cycle day 10 then you have only been stimming for a few days, right? They still have plenty of time to grow. I think I stimmed for 10 days my first cycle & 11 or 12 days my second. Hang in there & good luck!!


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