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Has anyone else had this happen. I just went through my first IVF, I'm 40 the after my retrieval the nurse at my doctors office told me I had 12 eggs upon retrieval, 7 fertilized well the next day she called and told me there was only 1 left and I asked what happened and she said "seems like you have an egg problem" well my transfer was setup and when we got there they had 3 embryos and implanted all 3. Well Monday I went for my pg test and my HCG was at 50 and today I had the second blookd test and they said it dropped to 35 and to get off my progestrone and to go back for another blood test next week. Has anyone else had this happen and had a successful pregnancy the 2nd time around?? I paged the doctor and he still hasn't called me back in almost an hour.

I havenīt had IVF, but I did have 2 chemical pregnancies followed by a m/c... :( the embryo implanted, I got my a positive hpt, hcg numbers went up, but it didnīt double every 3 days like it should. The first time this happened, I had to take cytotec to get rid of any pregnancy tissue left on my uterus...on the second one, I started getting a brown spotting/cramps and than m/c the next day.

After these two m/c, my RE request a antibody test that came out antibodies might be fighting the embryo, making clots on my now I am on the progesterone-babyaspirin-heparin protocol.

I know it is SOOOOO disapointing and sad to have a chemical pregnancy...but hang in there and ask your doctor about baby aspirin.

GOOD LUCK to you! :)

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