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Hi JLJ, My pc has been messed up; but when I saw your post I had to "borrow" my son's to reply. My dr.'s and I have been trying to get my insurance to cover ZIFT for a few months now.

ZIFT (Zygote Intrafallopian Tube Transfer)is said to have the advantages of IVF and the advantages of GIFT. The advantage of GIFT is that it is more natural than IVF and the embryo starts its development in the fallopian tubes, recieving natural support, hormones, etc. The disadvantage of GIFT is that you can not tell if the egg is fertilized. In IVF you can tell that the embryo has been fertilized; but you are bypassing the fallopian tubes. So with IVF you are more reliant on drugs because your body does not receive the "signal" that there is an embryo on the way through the tubes.

ZIFT is said to be the best of both worlds. It starts off like IVF, with follicle stimualation, and egg retrieval. They are then cultured the same way as IVF and combined with sperm. In IVF an embryo is transfered. In ZIFT, a zygote is transferred. The transfer is done a few hours after fertilization, and placed directly into your fallopian tubes so your body can handle the rest.

I was beginning to think that my RE was the only one that supported ZIFT. Did your doctor explain why he is wanting to do ZIFT instead of IVF?

Good luck with the BFP!!!

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