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Hi everyone- well it looks like I am heading to injectables. I am scared to death! Not of the needles but of how I will feel on injectables. I felt awful on clomid and just had to stop taking it do to some kind of allergic reaction. Can anyone tell me if I will feel worse on injectables? Do they use different injectables for IUI vs. IVF? I will be doing IVF. I am so afraid of over stimulation. Can you do most of your normal activities? Is it hard to give yourself the shots? Plse tell me all.
Thanks, Tina
Well, you have come to the right place!!! Let's see, I just finished a round of injectibles (Gonal-F). They were SOOOO much better for me than Clomid- that stuff made me crazy with hotflashes, mood swings, etc. Anyway, it was a little difficult as for timing of the injectibles just because mine had to be refrigerated and went on a trip to Chicago to visit friends- they had no idea what was going on, so we had to sneak around with giving shots- they could have easily thought we were heroin addicts!! The injectibles did bruise me- my injection site was the outer thigh. Overall, it was a little inconvenient- I did mine in the evenings. So if we went out I had to do the injection before going out.Also, I had an upset stomach, but that went away in time and is NOTHING compared to what I had already been though with side effects of meds.
What injectibles are you doing??? I wish you the very best!!!! Keep me posted. I hope tis helps....
Adkins- thank you so much for your quick response. I too had such a hard time on the clomid. Right now I am about to ovulate this weekend. I only took 1 dose of clomid (then had a reaction) so I may not ovulate. But even if I have one egg I will inseminate. Then I will find out around 4th of july. If BFN then on July 18th I have surgery scheduled to remove a polyp in my uterus prior to IVF. Then in Aug it would be shots, shots, shots. I worry so much of hyperovarian syndrome. It sounds like it wasn't so bad for you. Are you doing IVF or IUI? Good luck and thanks.

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