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Hi again.

I wouldn't take Vitex if you're planning on using Clomid. They are incompatible. If you've been late with your cycles, then the Clomid will make you very regular. It'll help you to pinpoint your ovulation, thus helping you to conceive.

It sounds to me as if you have unexplained infertility. The same as I do. I know how frustrating it is to ovulate every month and a big fat nothing.

I think Vitex helps to level out hormones, like FSH , LH and estradiol, but I'm not sure. Definitely don't take it while on clomid. (I've just finished my second round of Clomid and I'm waiting to see if it worked.)

I would give the Clomid a chance. If you can get your DH to consider TTC again, then you could very well be successful. Don't give up hope and remember that this board is full of very supportive people who can help you out.

I'm going away until Monday, so I won't be able to answer again today, but I hope you have a peaceful weekend. Take care. (I'm also a teacher, BTW) :)

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