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Hi Ashley

I like you just had my first IUI 9 days ago. It is very similar to a pap test. I had frozen donor sperm so I had to go and pick it up and then tuck it in my bra to keep it warm. They I brought it downstairs and a nurse took the unit filled a small syringe and attached an even smaller plastic catheter. Then she used the speculum (same one as pap test) and opens up my cervics. She then inserted the catheter (which I didn't even feel) and then she injects the sperm. When this was done I felt one small cramp which didn't last. She then held the catheter in place for 15 seconds to allow the little guys to swim away and then she removes the catheter and the speculum and you have to rest for about 20 minutes. After that it is pretty much business as usual.

The hardest part is the 2 week wait after the IUI. I have been having all kinds of weird feelings in my lower abs and I am not sure if it is just wishful thinking or something actually happening. The twings & twangs are not really painful just strange. I don't usually get cramps before my period it usually happens the day it starts so who knows.

16 days from my IUI will bring me to the 27th of June for my period to start.

Good luck to you and your dh. Hope all goes well. Don't worry about it.

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