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Hello everyone

I am wondering if anyone can help me out since I am so new to trying to have a baby. I am 11dpIUI and for the last week I have been having mild cramps on and off and I have had a lot of milky white discharge. I am wondering if this is a good sign or not.

I don't usually get any cramping until the first day of my period starting and I usually have very tender breasts for at least a week or two prior to my period and I don't have that at all.

Since this is my first IUI I don't want to get my hopes up but things are different this month and I am not sure if it is just because I am hoping or if it could be because of the IUI or the fact that I took clomid earlier this month?

I am hoping there is someone out there that could share what they experienced after their IUI's so that I have something to base these things on. I am going insane. I am waiting for my pg tests to be delivered from e-bay and they should arrive in the next day or two so I am really trying not to get over anxious and go out and buy one but it is very hard.

Also my doctor told me not to hold my breath about getting pg the first try since I used frozen donor sperm and he said that it compromises the motility of the sperm by freezing it.
The cramping is a result of the clomid and most likely the hCG shot. The medicine overstimulates the ovaries and you feel sensation (mild cramping) from the overaies recovering. I've had it after all of my stimulated cycles. These twinges are on either side for me (not in the middle.) Sometimes both sides hurt at once. Sometimes it's just on one side or the other.

The day or two after the IUI there could be mild cramping in the middle of stomach. I haven't had it, but many others report it, and I think the drs expect it.

Implantation doesn't occur until day 6-10 (on average). If it did occur for you, you hCG levels are still to low to make you feel bad. -- Generally.
Both of my sisters have children. The one who could get pregnant as fast as she could sneeze was very sick all three of her pregnanice from about week 3 on. My sister who needed the help of clomid did not start to feel sick until about week 12. I think most pregnant women fall somewhere in between these two examples.

Good Luck with you IUI. It looks like testing is anyday for you now. Much baby dust to you.

I think Mindoo hit the nail right on the head. I only had one IUI and I had cramping a for a couple days afterwards and also the clomid would make me crampy.

I would take an hpt in a couple more days and see what it says. Are your Af's usually regular? If so I would wait until it is a day late and then test.

Hope you get a BFP +++++=

You sounds just like I do! I just had my first IUI this month. I am 9dpiui. Every little cramp or twinge I am analyzing. I am driving myself crazy. Actaully, I have not felt anything in the past few days. I definitely had cramping before and after the IUI. I think the cramping before was from the HCG shot. Did you have one of those??
Good luck- keep in touch
Hi Everyone!

I'm new to all this and don't always understand what you're writting about :)I had my first IUI done 5days ago. I feel mild cramping all the time and believe or not I seem to be going to the loo a lot! I wasn't given any drugs or injections... it seems everyone else was given something... does it mean I don't need it? Or is it like that with first IUIs? I have only one healthy ovary and my husband's spearm count is low. We haven't been trying for all that long (8m)... so I think we are still quite possitive and don't fully realize that we DO have a problem. Still I hate this waiting bit, because there's just nothing else I can do... My younger sister just got pregnant and yes, she wasn't even trying... good luck to everybody and hope we will all get there one day!

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