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Hi & welcome to the boards. An IUI is not bad at all. You go into the dr's office, your husband gives a semen sample, which they wash & take the best sperm from. Then an hour or two later, they inject his washed sperm into you using a very small catheter. It feels just like getting a PAP done, and it's over in just a few minutes. Some women have cramping afterwards, but it is usually no worse than period cramps.

Unfortunately, the success rates are not too high (about 20%), but they are better than just trying naturally. Having said that, I have seen many women on these boards get pregnant their first time, so it definitely is possible!! Just be prepared that it might take a few tries.

Good luck to you!!

My fertility doc told me IUI increases your chances of pregnancy by about 40%.
Make sure husband don't ejaculate at all for at least 3 days or else his sperm count will probably be very low reducing the amount and motility of the sprem.
My husband and I had sex the day before my IUI because I has ovulating and then IUI next day. His sperm count was, i forget exactly, but something like only 18%! which is horrible. Our IUI didn't get me pregnant. It could of been due to the low count, who knows....
You'll go in for the IUI and lay on table like getting a pap. The dr will put the injection up into the uterus. I think it's just a plastic tip on a syringe. He doesn't "stick" you with anything, like a shot. I didn't feel the insertion of the instrument into the uterus AT ALL. He then injects it in there and mine felt hot and burned a little which I wasn't expecting. But the burning went away in a couple minutes. I had mild cramping and was a little odd feeling, like a little dizzy. I drove back home and though I was fine, i felt a little odd so you might feel more comfortable with someone driving you that day. I went home and mostly layed around cause I read it may help in chances to get pregnant (though I didn't get pregnant). The odd feeling I'm talking about are just mild cramping down there, a "little" dizzy in the head off and on and just a new feeling I'd never felt before. I had discharg for a few days, probably semen.
So don't worry. Over all it's about a 1 on a scale of 10, in the pain department, but the odd feeling is about a 2.
You'll be fine. Some women don't feel these things at all.
Good luck!!!!:angel:

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