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Hi Flo...just had to jump in here. I am about to see a second RE myself. Odd in that I'd already decided to give up hoping (not trying) and DH and I are doing it on our and all. No more RE's for me...I thought. My first one pushed donor eggs constantly (by the way, I just turned 44). He told me he couldn't treat "old age". Put me on HRT. After reading about synthetic progesterone (progestin) I quit taking it. It can cause birth defects in babys, as well as 100 different kinds of cancer. So...I started taking Vitex (chasteberry), royal jelly, and green tea with my last cycle. But here's the rub...

I saw an OB/Gyn on Monday because I am pretty sure I have low progesterone. My boobs started hurting one week after AF. Usually it waits until after I ovulate (and I am ovulating...I've charted and I feel it). I also start spotting a week to 10 days before AF. The OB/Gyn couldn't believe the RE put me on HRT. Said I wasn't in menopause and didn't need it. He said he thought I had a very good chance of still being able to get pregnant. He said if I was still committed to having a baby, then rather than treat me for low progesterone, he'd rather I saw another RE. So...back to the drawing board and an RE appt. on 8/8 with a new doc.

The last RE didn't treat me at all. My FSH levels were 3.3 (perfect) with estradiol of 894 (bad)! Meant I was going to have another period within two weeks and lo and behold, I did. The next cycle, my FSH was 20.4 (bad) and my estradiol level was 35 (perfect). Said he couldn't even put me on injectibles with the hormones fluctuating so much. So...haven't had any help at all from the RE, unless you count being put on Premphase (HRT).

I know this is about you, but I wanted you to see that you aren't alone in this. I don't know any good personal stories of women in their 40's having their own babies...but I've read of alot on the boards and in magazines. I don't have my hopes up of my DH and I getting pregnant anymore. I still want it very much, but I am no longer expecting any help from anyone but God. I'll give the new guy a chance and see what he says.

I am so sorry that your husband isn't coping well right now. Sometimes we all just need to step back and step away. I hope he feels better and more able to handle things soon. I wasn't able to consider donor eggs originally myself, but I really didn't want to deprive my DH of his own child. Unfortunately, I can't afford to go that route. Even though my insurance covers the medical costs, the non-medical costs will run at least $10,000 and I just don't have that.

Just know that I wish you the best of luck and I hope and pray that you find yourself pregnant soon. I am really glad you are feeling good about your doc. That always helps! Good luck, sweetie... [img][/img]


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