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Re: Blocked Tubes
Nov 11, 2008
Thank You Kate, our doctor has not given us much information along the way as well. I am learning more and more from this board.

Our doctor doesn't think IUI will work well for us as my husband has a low sperm count. Something about the morphology.

As for my ovaries, they are working and my doctor says that I am ovulating. ( I am having more blood work in December to make sure again), My ovaries are small though and for some reason they didn't respond to the Lupron, Menopure and Puregon. I had two rounds of IVF, both cycles cancelled due to only one follicle being produced. The drugs didn't stimulate my ovaries to produce more then one follicle. So they have to cancel your cycle when this happens. It is not worth going to ER if you only have one egg.

Our second round of IVF was called the Flaire, it is suppose to stimulate your pituitary gland (sorry my spelling sucks) to make you ovulate. I had one and a half follicles this time, but had to give myself 4 injections into my stomach every day for 10 days without success. Beleive me I would do it a million times over if it ment finally being pregnant. IVF can still be done if you have blocked tubes as they use a needle to asperate your eggs at ER time.

In Canada, there is no donor egg bank available because Canada doesn't pay the donors money. Women are able to donate eggs for science, but not to other people if they have left over Frozen eggs. You can have a relative or friend donate, and I think that is the way we are looking into now. Two of my cousins have said they would do anything I need, which releives so much stress. I just worry about any possible complications they could have. It is one thing for me to take the risks, but I would just die if anything happened to them.

As for stress, I have been stressed out for 5 years. I have known for 5 years that we would need fertility treatments to get pregnant. My husband wanted to wait and keep trying as we had a 4% chance of conceiving on our own. We also wanted to be more financially stable before we started treatments. Almost 6
years later we still haven't conceived and are still stuggling to cover the costs. I don't think it gets any easier for anyone does it....

I am going to see a naturalpath at the end of November. She specializes in female problems and infertility. I really hope she can help. I am trying to convince my husband to go as well. I don't know if anyone else who has had IVF treatments has noticed that they crave the worst foods, but I have gained at least 8 pounds since we started IVF in August only in my stomach area. I can't controll my weight write now. I feel so powerless. I have no self control at all write now. I think the stress has a lot to do with it.

I think I have brought more of the stress on myself and my husband and I have been totally upfront with friends over our fertility issues. They all knew I had gone through IVF. So everyone which is a lot of people want to know how it is going. We couldn't go out for halloween we were so upset after our 2nd round of IVF was cancelled.

Did you have surgery on your tubes? If so which type. I have been given two options: Laproscopic and another one that I would be awake for and they would feed a wire up into my tubes to clear a path for my eggs to come down. I am scared and don't know if I should have this done or go with a more sure thing and have my cousins donate there eggs.

Thanks so much please please keep me posted on how your HSG and IVF goes... Hopefully you will be able to start IVF right away!

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