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Missvee...I can relate to what you are saying. I'm 44 (43 up until a week ago). My FSH levels have been either great (3.3) and the estradial has been high (894) or the FSH has been high (20.4) and the estradial has been great (35). The RE I had been seeing told me they couldn't correct "old age". The OB/GYN thinks the RE should not have put me on HRT (he said he hoped it would shock my system into coming into line with the hormones), which I didn't even do for a month before I decided that I wouldn't see RE anymore. Now the OB wants me to see a new RE and thinks I can still get pregnant (I was pg a year ago and m/c). The first RE said there was nothing they could do to help me get pregnant unless my hormones came into line. I see a new RE on the 8th of August (not my choice but the doc's). I still want to have a baby but have pretty much lost all my hope. I am sure this is NOT what you wanted to hear. The first RE pushed donor eggs constantly. I cannot afford that route at all. I hold out no hope that the new RE can help me.

I have begun taking chasteberry (Vitex), royal jelly, and drinking green tea. I hear this is supposed to help in leveling out the hormones. I'm hoping for the best.

I hope I don't sound too discouraging to you...I don't mean to. I'm also looking for hope and answers and so far, no luck.

You will probably find that your hormone levels will fluctuage from one month to the next. When my estradial was 894 on CD 2, I was told that I will have another period within two weeks...and sure enough I did. That is probably why you had a weird cycle with AF showing up on CD 17. That is exactly what happened to me as well. If the estradial is good, you will have your normal cycle. If the FSH and estradial are good together, that is when you should be able to get pregnant.

Do you spot prior to AF? If so, you may also be dealing with some low progesterone issues. I haven't been tested for that because the first RE said that if I got pregnant he was going to prescribe progesterone any way so it didn't matter.

I wish you luck and if you hear of anything that works from your doc, please do let me know. My DH does not have any children of his own; I have two teens (almost adults)... :(
Nope, haven't been on the clomid (the RE told me no treatment would work until the hormones were in line). I've heard that you shouldn't do the Vitex with the clomid, so you are wise to stop that.

Thank you for your understanding too. I have been very discouraged because I know that my time, if it hasn't already run out, will surely do so by my 45th birthday. That is my deadline for ttc; after that I will make sure I don't get pregnant (how ironic that I'll have to go on b/c pills then when I can't get pregnant now...but I won't want to chance it after 45).

I think the high estradial is the culprit for the short cycle, but not positive of course. That is just what the RE told me would happen to me when my estradial came up so high.

I thought my thyroid could be a problem for me as well, mostly due to very low body temps. TSH tests came back normal for me.

I do ovulate every month (as my charting has proved out, as well as the occasional month I try the OPK sticks...and the ovary pain at the time too!). The RE said I probably ovulated on CD 2 when I had the 17 day cycle. Obviously not enough time for the egg to have even developed properly according to him.

I'm hoping the new RE can help, but as I said, I have not much faith at this point. I did tell the receptionist who called me at work yesterday to please ask the doc to read my letter as well as the chart notes from the other RE and my lab results. I asked her to let me know if he doesn't think there is much he can do so I can cancel the appointment if not. No point in missing work if he can't help me have a baby anyway. She said that if they didn't call me to assume that he thought he could help. I'm sure that he won't even read the file before I get there and I'll go all the way in just to be told the same thing. But, if he does and she follows through, I can only say so far, no call.

The distance thing definitely makes it harder to get pregnant! Any chance of one of you moving? I wish I could give you more answers. I hope the clomid works for you certainly! Good luck with that!

Just know this...the one thing the old RE did say is that I can still get pregnant on my own. Its just a matter of having a month in which the levels are right at the same time and then me actually bd'ing at the right time! I'm still hoping for that to happen...miracles happen every day! Look at Abraham's wife Sarah in the Bible... :angel:

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