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I often read these boards to offer advice to others. This is the one board that really touches me, but I never have any comforting advice to offer. I wanted to share my story to prove that Faith can and will happen if you believe.

I was pregnant in 98. I lost that baby to a miscarriage. I got pregnant a few months later and found that my HCG levels weren't going up appropriately. I was dismissed by the doctor as having another miscarriage. Weeks later I still felt pregnant and went to a different doctor. She did numerous lab tests to find out why I was miscarrying and determined that this time it was in fact an ectopic. I went into surgery and had it removed after having 2 shots of methotrexate fail. Later she told me I had cardiolipin antibody disease, which is a clotting factor disease and I wouldn't carry to full term unless I caught the pregnancy in time and started heparin shots. I later got pregnant in 2000. I couldn't convince new doctors to do the shots because it wasn't documented in my record. I took a baby aspirin a day for the first few months and now I have a beautiful son. It took tons of prayers and believing for me to have him. I later tried again in 02 and lost another baby to an ectopic. Then again this year I had my 3rd ectopic and 4th loss.

I tell this story because I know with a little Faith and a lot of Prayers you all can also have your Miracle. With my last surgery I had to have my lft tube removed due to internal bleeding and damage and I chose to have my right tube tied. I know that was the biggest mistake of my life cause I really regret it. The doctors said I would continue to have ectopics if I didn't do something to prevent them. The doctors were wrong before, but I couldn't take a chance of losing my life since I have my son to care for now. I still will not give up. Right now I can't afford it, but I will one day have another baby. I plan to do IVF in a few years from now.

We don't understand the when's, why's and how's, but with believing we can overcome those questions that worry us so much!!! To all of you wonderful couples TTC keep up your strength and will power. The only way you don't get what you deserve is if you give up. I wish all of you the best and you all are in my Prayers. God Bless Each One of You!!!!

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