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I am going on 2nd round of injectibles with IUI. It feels like a normal pap smear..and they put your dh's sperm thru a catheter and inject them thru the uterus to fallopian tubes. You may experience some cramping from the IUI and maybe spotting right after..but it will go away......
Did they run bloodwork on you>? FSH levels? (determines your ovarian reserve)if egg quality is good or not...
I have a baseline u/s on day 2 of my cycle. 1st being day 1 which is first "full day" of your period. Day 3-6 I will be doing 2.5 amps of Gonal-f,BUT they may up your amp or lower it..depending on the follicle size and how they are growing etc..

What meds are they putting you on???and how many amps??Being on Gonal-f, I didn't experience many side effects. Just some bloating in my abdomen area. When I was on Clomid for 2 rounds I had bad breakouts from it! and that was about it.But I thought for sure I would experience MORE side effects on Gonal-f but didnt thankfully.
Day 7 is another ultrasound and they check how big the follicles are getting. Then you might be going in every other day or daily. Depending on what your doctor wants to do. Then if there are at least 2-5 follies measuring at least 18mm you do an HCG triger shot and the IUI is done 12-36 hrs. later. Follicle size definitely DEPENDS upon the doctor! I have heard many different amts..and sizes of follies.
hope this helps!Good luck to you. Keep us posted!You said u were 40, I am 38 yrs.old and they allow 3 rounds of iui with injectibles in Mass.then onto IVF>.but I am trying to get on to IVF next cycle.We have unexplained fertility,,but some of it being dh;s low/borderline sperm ct. :( Anne

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