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I can relate to you. I too just had my IUI's back to back sat. and sun. I had 3 great follies and go in Sat. morn. for the IUI and nurse tells me 5.6 million for my hub post wash! Usually for some strange reason his numbers go up...the next IUI since they are back to back..But then I went in Sunday..and they told me he only had 1 Million post wash! I was really bummed!
I had done my gonal-f injections 11 days straightwith hcg trigger..and then to find out the counts! I was not happy.....but liek the girls said "it only takes one darn spermie to get in there!" and like Sarka said.... they take a short cut!!!
I unfortunately have age knocking down that deal with.and were on hopefully to IVF next.for maybe ICSI (something to do with his low sperm ct.)and take it from there! I too was on clomid and they told me I had this huge high surge that I broke records in their office since they never saw sucha high surge..which was good! But then I go in for my 1st round with CLOMID and IUI..I was soooo psyched..then I find out his spermies post wash were only 640,000!! I was so sad!!(he did have the flu pretty bad a few days later)so we attributed that to that..
Anyway..............dont give up the ship..........
4.8 million is good enough for 1 to pass thru!
I technically was pregnant last cycle with my was a low beta hcg level..but my hubs counts were about 7 million post wash..and something" happened even on that count! Y OU just hang in there............maybe it was a fluke....and get ano ther SA done if u can retest those swimmers.Sometimes if the guy abstains too long,he can have irregular counts..My doctor told me every other day to BD save them up so to speak..and when I near the IUI its a pain..cause were trying to hold out for IUI..and then they tell us come on in!!!!were trying to save all his swimmersLOL>>.
Keep us posted ok! Has he been to a urologist yet? I am sorry for rambling!!
talk to u soon! hugs! Anne

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