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Hi girls,
Well, after 4 failed IUIs (3 on clomid, 1 on clomid & pergonal) and this month "au natural", it looks like AF is on her way again. I will most likely see my RE early Monday morning and I have been compiling a list of questions to ask him, to help give me a better handle on what's going on. I'd love your input on this list of questions and perhaps your suggestions for questions I might want to include:

1) Could I have mature follicles and a trigger shot and still not be releasing the eggs? Is there anyway to verify if an egg is released from the follicle before the IUI procedure?

2) In your professional opinion, why do you think the past IUIs were unsuccessful? How likely is it that we would get a different (positive) result with more injectibles/IUI cycles?

3) What are the real benefits of doing 2 IUIs over two days (my DH sc is 10 mil post wash (less, I believe if only 24 hours pass in between).

4) Is it possible to collect and freeze his swimmers over a course of a month, save them up til they are a greater number (like KJinky's dh's supersperm :D), and then IUI?

5) Why do the OPK tests NEVER show that I have had a surge - even when I test the mornings of my IUIs?

6) If we had all the money or the best insurance coverage in the world, what protocol or procedure would you recommend for us to achieve optimum positive results? (And since we have little money and crappy insurance, how does our affordable protocol compare)?

7) Don't you think REs should give patients those Coffee Bean-type punch cards -- like, pay for 5 cycles of meds/IUIs and get the 6th one free?!

What would you ask?

Thanks for your input!


TTC (aggressively) since Nov 2002
33 yrs old, pcos (outer symptoms, RE says no)
married DH in 1995; he's 38 now.

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