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Well I just got my IVF protocol to begin with my Sept period. I will then be put on birth control pills for 2 weeks and then I am doing 2 amps follistim/1 amp repronex and then they said they will add in an antagonisitc drug for 3 days during stimulations. Has anyone else used these meds together? Can you tell me how you felt or any symtoms? Did they burn going in? Thanks all.
I've just finished an IVF cycle using Follistim and Repronex. They do burn a bit, especially at the higher doses. But an ice cube before and/or after helps, and the burning didn't last long for me, 5 minutes max. My nurse suggested letting the syringe sit for 20 mins (but no longer than 30) after you mix the medicine to help reduce burning. Also, once I tried diluting with the sodium chloride that comes with the Repronex and that burned much more than when I diluted with the sterile water that comes with Follistim. They told me I could use either, so I always used the sterile water after that. It gets much easier after the first couple of times. Good luck!
Hi Teener

My first IVF cycle I was on follistim and repronex also. I did not respond well at all to these meds. The follistim did burn when you put it in. My second IVF I did gonal f and pergonal and did well. I guess everyone responds differently. I was very emotional on the follistim and not on the gonal f so be prepared to be weepy for a few days. It will pass though. I was also terrified of the needles and my first cycle - DH had to do all the injections. I couldn't even look. By my second IVF I did all the injections including the progesterone shots in my butt. And those needles are big suckers. Once you put your mind to it you can do it. Just keep thinking the end result- a baby. Good luck and have fun in NY!!

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