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Hi there. I am new to this forum and am reassured to see that there are people like me in this world. Sometimes you just feel so alone with your infertility. I too am trying to "stay positive" after 8 years of TTC. I have done clomid, puregon, gonal f with IUI and have never conceived. I am currently waiting the results of my first ever IVF cycle. Beta is on Tuesday but I am currently having spotting ....:(

I wish you luck on your IVF, hopefully it is worth it in the end.
Hi Canuck and thanks for your kind wishes. It is comforting to know that we're not alone although it often feels that way. You must be incredibly patient to still be trying after 8 years. I'm not sure that I would last that long. The emotional side is so exhausting. It's great to hear that you've moved on to IVF and I do hope that the spotting you're seeing is a little embryo implanting. Please do let us know how your beta goes on Tuesday.

I'm glad you'll be having some more tests Cashahn to find out why those precious embryos aren't sticking. They're far to valuable to waste! I admire your ability to persist through the tough times. I'm going through the clinic in Ballarat, Victoria and have found them very good - just very busy! My appointment to discuss IVF isn't until Christmas eve and then I'm not sure when I can start - I assume there are some tests required? I just hate the waiting... Which clinic do you use?

Sue :)

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