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Hello everyone,

I am another newbie to these boards and am on my first cycle of Gonal F with IUI. I have been trying to conceive for more than 10 years between 2 marriages, and doctors that have told me that maybe I just need to accept that I am not going to be a mother. This is now cycle day17 and I am a little perplexed... My fertility dr gave me the b/w papers for a Progesterone test 7 days after IUI and Pregnancy test 16 days after. From what I have read here this all sounds like the norm.

Yesterday, I went to my regular physcian to obtain prescription refills and filled him in on our progress through the fertility maze. When I mentioned that we went through our first IUI procedure 5 days before, he suggested he give me a pregnancy test and would have results for me today. Does this seem strange to anyone? My results were a BFN, but I didn't really expect that the HCG would be strong enought to be detected if indeed I am pregnant.

I realize that all of my symptoms... extremely sore breasts, cramping, moodyness, can all be from the meds, pending AF, or Pg. I figure that if sperm can survive 72 hrs... it seems too soon to do any testing.

Can anyone comment on this experience. I am not really convinced that these results are valid so soon after the IUI.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

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