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after embryo transfer if you don't bleed
Hi not really sure what you mean you may need to tell us more.

Cashahn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[QUOTE=cashahn;3806401]Hi not really sure what you mean you may need to tell us more.

Cashahn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/QUOTE]

Hi Cashahn,

I've been reading up and every website I go in to speaks about bleeding a few days after embryo transfer. I'm on my 9th day after embryo transfer and not a drop of blood as yet. All I'd like to know is what does it mean if there is no blood at all? Is it good or bad? Any information will be appreciated.
Oh I think you mean implantation bleeding, this is where the embryo burrows into the lining of the uterus and sometimes a small amount of bleeding can occur. This however doesnt happen to everyone and in fact most people do not experience bleeding when the embryo implants. So please try not to worry if you dont get any implantation bleeding as this does not mean that you are not pregnant. All the best and keep us updated on your progress.

Cashahn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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