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Hi -- I'm new to this board and would love some help/info!

My background -- we've been TTC for a total of nearly 7 years -- 3+ years to conceive #1 and 3+ years since she was born. We are "undiagnosed" -- there is nothing obviously wrong with either myself or my husband. I've got great CM, clear tubes, no cysts, I ovulate regularly and have normal cycles every 30-32 days. The only oddity is the severe pain I have on my left side mid-cycle -- once suspected to be endo but since ruled out via laparoscopy. We now think I ovulate pretty exclusively on the left (u/s indicates this as well) and that I just have more tenderness associated with it than most. Dh's sperm count is 100 million on a bad day, and motility/morphology are both fine.

I conceived our daughter on an off-cycle from Clomid and with the "help" of a homeopathic remedy (I think it was a fluke, and have since tried it and others again with no success). Since then I've done up to 100 mg Clomid, twice with IUI, and conceived with one of the IUI's but lost the pgcy at 7 weeks. I'm in a rural area with no RE's nearby, so I'm working with a very good, very knowledgeable ob/gyn that I truly trust is doing everything right.

We've been on a break since I m/c'd in January, but I'm ready to start again. Would've done another IUI this month but Dr. is on vacation mid-cycle so I have to wait another cycle. What I'm hoping to get some info on here is combining injectibles with Clomid...? I don't know if my doc will go for it because I was able to conceive with just Clomid/hCG/IUI -- but I really only want to have to do it once this time, I have no concerns about mulitiples and I'd like to maximize my chances as much as possible. And I need to be informed before I present the idea to him. What's the protocol for combining Follistim or Gonal-F with Clomid? I don't want to do a full injectable cycle, and I'm absolutely certain that my doc would say that was unneccessary and overkill, considering I've conceived twice without them. But I've heard good things about adding a few shots at the end of a Clomid round. Thoughts on this? What kind of cost is associated with the injectibles? We have no insurance coverage left for infertility costs (I had a $2500 lifetime cap -- used that in the first six months of treatment) so I'd like to know what to expect so the sticker shock doesn't freak me out.

Any help that you can offer, either with this or with possible diagnosis, would be very greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much --

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