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I can't tell you all how much I appreciate your sweet messages. :) Thank you all so much! I got up this morning and AF found me right away. I've been feeling awful, but when I went on-line just now and saw all your messages waiting for me and read all the kind things you had to say, it made me feel really supported. So sincere thanks to all of you!

Sarka, here's my history and thanks for asking. I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts. I've been ttc for more than two years now. (DH and I married when I was 37). I have moderate PCOS (I do ovulate on my own just irregularly) and basically the first year of ttc (without medical help) was a waste because of uterine polyps which were preventing me from getting pg. After surgery to remove the polyps, I got pg naturally a few months later, but then m/c in May of this year at only 6 weeks. (Doctors suspect that m/c so early was due to my age/bad egg). Since then I've done two cycles of IUI's with Gonal-F and progesterone but both were BFNs. Last cycle was natural because cysts prevented any drug treatment.
Btw, I just turned 40 a week ago, so this is all hitting me at once. I'm told the chance of success for an IVF cycle at my age is 32%. I think I would feel a lot less discouraged if it weren't for my age. So there it is. Your opinions would be most welcome!!

You are all the best and your support means the world to me. I am hoping for great news for all of you.



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