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Hi all,

I can't make heads or tails of what all the abreviations mean so please use whole words with me... I tried looking for info at the male sexuality board but geez was that a joke.

I'm a 38-year-old male living in Italy with very little Italian (I'm American and married an Italian). I was recently dx'd here as being infertile. About four years ago I had a skyhigh EBV count and was dx'd with CFS. Subsequently an endo found me to be hypothyroid and with low testosterone, for which I am on medication (synthroid and depot testosterone injections, 250 mg every two weeks). My TSH and testosterone levels come into the normal range. I'm suspected of having a lazy pituitary, i've been told.

After I had started taking the testosterone, there was a little shrinkage in the size of my gonads but nothing dramatic. the endos here though say they are borderline too small.

Anyway, they had me do a sperm count and told me they were all dead and that I probably have (not sure if I can remember this right) FSH and LH levels that are too low to keep them alive. It was something like that. They also asked whether I'd had sexual development problems as a kid--i'm unaware of any, and didn't seem to have any problems in college :) but they are going to do some kind of chromosome test.

The doctors are hard to reach here except when you go in... does anyone have any idea of what's in store for me? I think they mentioned some kind of injection other than testosterone that would temporarily boost the chemicals I need to be fertile. I'm a little worried about that, in particular if these injections come from cadavers or the nervous system of just about any creature.

Thanks for any advice or information. I'm really in the dark on this one.

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