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my husband and i tried to get pregnant for about 2-1/2 years.... We started about 6 months ago going to a fertility dr. At first, we did tests to check me during different stages in my cycle. My eggs, progerserone, uterin lining and everything "looked" normal. My husband went for a sperm test. His motility was only about 15% I can't remember exactly, but it was LOW. We did clomid, aka; femara along with IUI. The IUI solution was able to get the sperm motility up to about 40%. We didn't get pregnant. So, my dr thought my husband could have a vericocele, which is a varicos vein in the scrotum and can cause infertility problems in men. My fertility dr told my hubby to try some herbs and vitamin's, which were; vitamin C 1000mg once a day (helps with sperm motility and I can't remember the herbs but my husband only took the vitamin C. He's been on it for about 3 months now. My dr told me that I may have early stage endometriosis so I opted for surgery about 3 months ago. He flushed dye through my tubes and removed the endo.. I had a small complication from the surgery (a stitch abcess internally) which took about 2months for me to fully heal. It wasn't really that bad, it just sounds bad. So 2 months after the surgery and healing, we tried getting pregnant. We were going to do the IUI again but I ended up saying screw it at the last minute and we tried the old fashioned way. I did do 2.5mg femara day 3 -7. It's been about 2 weeks since this and I just found out today that I am pregnant!!! I pee'd on the stick and layed it aside not really paying attention to it, figuring it would be negative as has been for 2 and half yrs now (i used to not blink for the 2 minutes it instructed me to wait for result in hopes to see that darn plus sign!).... I just did not dream it would be positive this time. so I did another. it was positive too. I guess all this fertility stuff worked after all! Though we tried to get pregnant, this had gotten to be such a routine for us that I just sort of figured it was not meant to be, it's not going to work, just to the point I almost didn't care anymore. Before this last 3 months I was a basket case. First thing I thought when I woke and last thing on my mind b4 bed --- m.u.s.t. get pregnant- now! Now I'm sittingg here, and I can't believe it! B4 I always thought the pregnancy tests were faulty when they were negative. Now it's positive and I'm wondering if it's faulty. sheesh! This whole process can really turn you into a skeptic. Anyway, hang in there! when you least expect it, it will happen!!

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