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Soo i posted in here before.
I have PCOS and never have my periods for the past 10 months, up until nov 6 and it lasted around 8 days. I tested for ovulation on the 17th and 18th and both came back positive, so me and my fiance gave it a go. 7 Days after this ovulation time i started bleeding very light pink for only arouund 3 days and it went away...and took a hpt and it was so faint you had to honestly sit there and squint in the light at it. Anywhoo my period was due on the 5th of december (which i would usually take provera to induce it as well as metformin) but didnt even bother taking it incase i was actually pregnant. This past saturday morning i woke up around 5 am with this TERRIBLE stomach pain...and it just wouldnt go away all day (also had light spotting) so i went to the doc and he said bladder infection, gave me antibiotics and it also came along with a negative preg test...i havent went for blood work yet, but now this bleeding has turned into quite a bit of bleeding, more watery than anything with small clots here and hubby also noticed my breasts a bit darker then usuall he says. I have all these symptoms but am confused on the bleeding...Can someone please share there story if its similar or any advice or knowledge...THANK YOU!!!!

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