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hi everyone,
i am new to the message board. i am 27 years old. my husband and i have been ttc for two years. finally after seeing a re, i have a diagnosis for our infertility and for my painful and heavy periods. a fibroid inside my uterus. i go for a office hysteroscopy to make sure it can be removed via hysteroscopic resection and then i will finally get to schedule the surgery. can't wait. for three months i have been on lupron (one injection per month) in attempt to shrink it but it only shrunk a tiny bit. i think it's still between two and three centimeters big.
so, has anyone out there conceived after hysteroscopic resection? How long did it take? I have done so much research on this I think I could do the surgery myself! Ha ha ha! I have read things from 35% success rate after surgery to 70% success rates. Hope it's more towards the 70%. We desperately want to have a baby.
My advice to anyone who is having infertility problems is to see a reproductive endocronologist as soon as you can. Before my husband and i started trying i was concerned that we would have difficulty because of my painful and heavy periods. I was told by my pcp who was also a gyno that there was no reason to believe we would have any trouble and that some women just have heavy periods. I knew all along something wasn't right. Trust your instincts. Don't let anyone tell you to take ibuprofen and relax. Best decision I ever made was to ask for a referral to a re. I wish I did it sooner. I even asked my pcp if I could have a fibroid and she said, "no, i would be able to feel it in an internal exam" obviously that wasn't true. So to all you ladies out there who feel like something is wrong, demand a diagnosis. Too many doctors just want to treat the syptoms and never diagnose the problem. I know it's hard. It seems like i have a million friends that got pregnant on the first time. Since we have been trying, my best friend has been pregnant, had a baby, and is pregnant again. Keep the faith. Keep positive.
Good luck to all of you and thanks!

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