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Hi Nikkiz! Yes, I had severe cramping on day 3 (I think?!) after the IUI. When I contacted my dr. they told me that it was a very common occurrence following IUI. I unfortunately got the BFN and ended up with an active ovarian cyst after my last cycle. I am currently taking bcp's and hoping the cyst is getting smaller. I have to wait until next cycle to try the IUI again. The last two weeks have felt like an eternity. During my entire cycle with the clomid+IUI I had lots of bloating, discomfort, and random shots of pain in the area of my ovaries. My dr says I'm just "sensitive." I think it is her nice way of saying "Buck up Pansy!" :)

BTW--I was also told that the cramping could be from implantation (obviously it wasn't for me), but it is my understanding that implanatation cramping typically occurs day 7-10.

Hopefully you will be luckier than I was. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you and I'm sending tons of babydust your way.

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