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I found some members that talked about cramping and IUI but it was last month. I posted a new topic because I was afraid they wouldn't see it. I'm looking for Bastet and Bam. I'm a new member. I found their chat by searching through google under IUI cramping. I had an IUI on Monday. I'm on the 4th day of the 2ww. This was my first IUI and follistim treatment. I also had to give myself the HCG injection to stimulate ovulation. My Dr. seems to think that my ovaries are enlarged and to drink lots of fluids but they feel like bad menstural cramps and it worries me. I would like to know what ever came of your cramping.I hope everything went good and you have babies on the way. :D
Baby dust to everyone.
Thank you!
Hi Nikkiz! Yes, I had such bad cramping and pelvic pain that I could feel my follicles when I walked! In fact, my pain and bloating was so bad the day after the IUI that I didn't go back for my second insemination that day. DH and I did the baby dance, but came up with a BFN! I had my insemination on a Thursday and I did not feel completely well until Sunday. I have now moved on from the drugs, docs, etc. and we will TTC on our own (with the Clear Plan Fertility Monitor) and we are adopting (just waiting to be matched with a birth mother!) I wish you the best. Stay in touch and let me know what happens! Baby dust and prayers for you!!! :)
Hi Nikkiz! Yes, I had severe cramping on day 3 (I think?!) after the IUI. When I contacted my dr. they told me that it was a very common occurrence following IUI. I unfortunately got the BFN and ended up with an active ovarian cyst after my last cycle. I am currently taking bcp's and hoping the cyst is getting smaller. I have to wait until next cycle to try the IUI again. The last two weeks have felt like an eternity. During my entire cycle with the clomid+IUI I had lots of bloating, discomfort, and random shots of pain in the area of my ovaries. My dr says I'm just "sensitive." I think it is her nice way of saying "Buck up Pansy!" :)

BTW--I was also told that the cramping could be from implantation (obviously it wasn't for me), but it is my understanding that implanatation cramping typically occurs day 7-10.

Hopefully you will be luckier than I was. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you and I'm sending tons of babydust your way.

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