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Hi Mandy, we have already talked on your other thread. Just to refresh, I have done 2 IUIs. Conceived on the first try both times, although the first IUI resulted in a miscarriage. Second IUI resulted in twins, and I am now 13 weeks pregnant. I have PCOS and rarely ovulate, DH has low sperm count and low motility (average is 8-9 million sperm/ml and 30% motility). Both times I used Gonal-F to help me ovulate, and we did one IUI at 36 hours post-trigger.

I think IUI can be helpful to patients with low sperm count, but only under certain circumstances. First, what is the total motile count? If total motile sperm is less than 10 million, your chances of IUI working are reduced. Not that you won't get pregnant, but your chances are less. Less than 1 million total motile and your chances are drastically reduced. Second, what is the morphology? In my research, morphology is directly correlated to penetration and fertilization rates. If your morphology is poor, IUI is probably not the best choice, because the sperm may not be able to properly penetrate the egg. In either of these instances, IVF + ICSI is going to be more cost effective for your chances.

Just for comparison, my DH had a strict morphology of 15% normal forms, and a regular morphology of 99% normal forms every SA we had (and we had a ton). Those are very good rates and are probably why I was able to get pg so easily once we got me to ovulate some normal eggs and DH's sperm in the right place. (We tried TTC on our own for 3.5 years with no luck.) Secondly, his total motile count was in the 17-22 million range for both IUIs, which is a pretty good count.

Good luck!

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