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Hi Lissie,

Well as you already know I had a reversal on Nov.4 2002 so I have been TTC ever since. I had a HSG test and my tubes are both open. My Dh had a brain tumor on his patuatary gland and had it removed when he was 15. He is no taking depo-testosteron shots every 3 weeks. My RE thinks he may have a low sperm count do to the testosterone. He had a SA done in Sept of last year and had a count of 70 million. I was told that was good. However, my RE thinks it may have dropped. We had an appt. on Thurs the 23rd of this month but had to cancel cause my DH has to work. So we are in the process of rescheduling. If this is so and his sperm count has dropped we are considering IUI. I don't know how long it will take to accomplish this do to the fact if my insurance covers or not. If it does we will try right away but if not we will have to save up for it. I hope everything is ok and it is just that we haven't gotten pg yet because of stress and the it may just take a little longer for us. I am hoping though it don't take to much longer because my clock is ticking and I am ready like yesterday. LOL. As of right now I ovulated on Sunday ( I am doing the charting with the BBT) my RE needs this to make a decision on where to go from here. It is just standard procedure when seeing a RE. I am now in my 2ww.
Best of luck to you and have a happy 9 months


Tubal reversal 11-04-02 it was a success
HSG on 8-05-03 tubes both wide open
daughter is 12 & son is 10
John 24 & Amanda 31


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