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Hey Autumn. I start my Lupron shots tomorrow, whohoo! I'm so excited. You start your shots tomorrow too correct? I go back this Wed to find out about my lining. No one seemed to have any doubts that it wouldn't be fine so I'm not even thinking about it.

The wedding was great. I was her maid of honor. And I earned every bit of that maid title that day. LOL

I went to my gyno this past week for my yearly checkup and she's so great. I was telling her i was in the process of doing my first IVF and she was just so positive about it. She told me "not to put too many back in cause those things really do stick" hahaha and when I was leaving she said I know we'll be seeing u again real soon. That made me feel so good.

And thanks for your two cents about the progesterone shots snoopy. I think I'm just worried cause my husband has a heavy hand. LOL I'll probably just have my mother do those shots cause she's a nurse. When she did my hcg shot I didn't even feel her do it. I just wanted to try and keep this cycle a secret though from the family. It's like when u finally do get pregnant it's no surprise to them if they knew you were doing a cycle. So we'll see. Talk to you soon!
Hey CanadianGirl, I started my shots last night. Gonal 150, lupron 5 units, and low dose hcg .15. How about u what r u taking? I'm already worried about how sore my thighs are going to feel in about 4 days from all these shots.

As for the moodiness I got that way a bit when I was on injectibles for my IUIs. It's hard.

I go back tomorrow for just blood and then Fri. for blood and ultrasound.

There is a list of abbr. I think the suject is Abbr something.
[COLOR=SeaGreen]hello Ladies,

Looks like the system is back up and running :) Well I hope you had a great Friday autumnila with positive positive results. I was thinking of you.

I hope your ER went well citygrl too. How are the progesterone shots coming. When will ET be?

As for me, Friday was a positive day. The u/s showed enough mature follies for hcg shot that night. ER was today (Sunday). The process went better than I thought but now that the drugs are wearing off I am feeling quite sore. Feels like I have been punched a few times in the ovaries. :D The good news is I had 11 eggs. I will find out tomorrow how many fertilized. Transfere will be mid morning on Wednesday. I have taken the whole week off from work just to help those embies stick and keep OHSS at bay.

Looking forward to all your news![/COLOR]

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