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Do you mind if an older person joins in, one that has been there, done that!!?

I too was childless, in fact doctor told me before marriage I would never be able to have children. For unknown reasons I simply did not ovulate and hormones did not work and husband had low sperm count.

You name it and I heard it about having children because back then it seemed that couples always had a child within the first 2 years. Back then they did not have the infertility sources they do now to help couples. I was not ready to adopt even tho my doctor had a 16 year old girl ready to give birth and the baby was going to be put up for adoption. I wanted a child of our own and was not ready to give up.

Most comments came from those who had no problem getting pregnant, just hanging their husband's pants on bedpost seemed to do the trick!! Actually ignorance is what fuels rude comments. If you have not experienced something, you have no clue about the reality of it. What most fail to realize is that just because a mother or siblings get pregnant easy that does not mean everyone will do so.

After 5 years God answered prayers and we had a little girl. In fact, with repeated trying and lots of early morning breakfast in bed, elevated hips on pillow, and remain there for so many hours we finally had another little girl. Again another little girl and then a little boy and then another little boy. By this time neighbors thought I did not know what was causing the problem (problem to them, they had lots of advice on how to stop it) little blessings for me! No one could understand why I would want 5 children, but, I never thought about how many I wanted because it was doubtful I would ever have any. Due to back problems I had tubes tied to prevent another pregnancy. Doctor told me I would end up in a wheel chair and needed to think about caring for the children I had.

Our children are between 33-43 and only 3 have children. Oldest daughter is not married, second daughter and husband are unable to have children plus her husband does not really want children. She has not used birth control for 7 years but still no baby. She said if she was not pg by age 40 she would see to it that she did not get pg but when that time came, she could not give up the possibility that she might get pg. She has always loved children and would make a wonderful mommy but that does not seem to be happening. After seeing all the things her husband's sister went thru and still no child she chose not to go that route, just let nature happen if it will. I have tried to not make any comments, cause I have travelled that road myself, but she still feels that I want her to have a child. This is her pre-conceived idea in her head, which one would naturally think their mother would want them to have a child. After her sister had children she commented that took the pressure off of her. There was no pressure on her, it was all what she thought was there, what she expected there to be.

What I am saying is that when we are childless we are more likely to be sensitive to all comments and read things into them that were not intended. True, many people are simply rude from a to z.

God bless each and every one of you!!

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