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Skysam, we didn't mix anything with it. Just took it straight from the vial. I was expecting there to be alot more than there actually was. It seemed like a very small amount. Our's was unwashed, and when you do IUI it is washed, which may be why your's was pink, or why your RE adds something to it, to help facilitate with the IUI proceedure, or maybe it is a stain to view the sperm mobility, I really have no idea and i'm just guessing, but if you remember, ask why next time and let me know. I read on the internet that you could add some saline solution to the sample to make sure you would get the rest out of the bottom of the vial or if you wanted to increase the volumn, but it was also a site about artificial insemination for horse breaders, so as you might imagine, we opted not to do that. Why did you choose IUI over ICI, any particular reason? We figured we would try at home a few times before we went to IUI. We never thought about IVF, and said if I couldn't after trying 6-8 months then my GF would, and we figured that was something that most couples cannot do. We are planning to both have a child, using the same donor so the sibilings have a genetic connection, I guess that is not really that important, but given the choice why not. We can adopt our partner's child in CA so it is an added family safety.
Best of luck to you on your upcoming IVF, let me know how you are doing

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