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Hey ladies just to give you all an update. I had my appt today with my RE. He explained he has been doing this since 1983 and Boston is doing a thing called clomid challenge 3 times before moving into IVF and there success is high. It saves patients alot of money and gives the doctors 3 months of information to figure out what will work. In some patients they become pregnant before going into IVF.

Well because I have 1 tube that is 6cm long and is open he wants to do the clomid challenge. I told him I did get pregnant in 2006 from that tube but miscarried at 7 weeks which made him feel like this was the right decision. He then started blood work and did FSH, some other test and progesterone test and they came back that my FSH and the other test was normal however my progesterone was 914 and was supposed to be over 2000. He feels this has been my problem for a while. This is probably why I miscarried in 2006 and I also told him I have had many positive pregnancy test but started my period within 2 days. But I never counted that cause it was never confirmed by a doctor and I felt I could have maybe misread the test by seeing a line or a shadow cause I wanted a baby so bad. However now I believe I have gotten pregnant many times but my progesterone level has been to low and the lining of my uterus was not thick enough for the fertilized egg to implant.

Doctor wants to do the clomid challenge and monitor the entire cycle 1 possible 2 times with clomid maybe another drug next time then HCG trigger and progesterone. He will monitor also with bloodwork and U/S. I am so excited. I mean I told my OB I felt it was a hormone issue and he never I mean never checked me. I begged him for progesterone test when I was pregnant and said give me a shot and test me I am afraid to lose the baby. He said I was parinoid and worried. This RE found it right off. I am so pleased and it will only cost me $700 this month and we may have success without IVF. However RE said he sees no reason why I won't get pregnant either through Clomid or IVF.

Ladies it has been a very good day. I hope you all get great news and I will keep you all updated as everything unfold.


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