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ivf long protocol how long does it take?
Nic74, welcome to the boards. It is kind of hard to answer your question because everyones situation is a little different with a different diagnosis. And, of course, depending on your doctor or clinic and what protocol they follow.

Generally, they start you on BCP, this is usually after a lot of tests have already been done. You may be on BCP for 1 full cycle (1month) or sometimes just two weeks. Then you usually start Lupron, or something like it, which still keep the ovaries quiet. How long you are on Lupron can vary, but usually not more than a week. Sometimes you overlap Lupron and BCP; sometimes you do not. Then, you start the stimulant process. There are various drugs and shots. How long you are on these depends on how long it takes your body to respond and your follicles to reach the optimum size. Then you trigger shot to release the eggs into the follicles. Then retreival, followed by fertilization, and finally, 3 or 5 days later, transfer of the fertilized egg(s).

There are many good web sites out there that detail the whole process a lot better than I can. The way I personally describe it is: They turn everything off or quiet the ovaries; then they turn the ovaries on, full blast (with stims). In my personally experience, it takes about 3 to 4 weeks, once Lupron has begun. It goes by rather fast after you start stims.

Hope that helped some. Like I said, check out the Internet and there are many, many good books out there that can do a much better job at the details than I can. I think the more informed you are the better. I would never walk into IVF being un-informed.


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