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Hello ladies,

thanks for the responses!

KM, I do remember you, wow, what an amazing story, thanks for the update and lots of luck. If you saw two early heartbeats, that is a great sign.

Keep me updated.

I just wanted to update my thread as well. I was really fretting about that FSH level but I had an opportunity to take in depth with one of the nurses and she assured me that level IS NOT HIGH!!! So that is great news indeed. Also, due to the fact that I was spotting the entire time I was on the Provera, that would make the FSH level high b/c my body didn't know what CD it was on. So, she agreed that it made perfect sense to wait for a normal cycle and repeat the test. But contrary to what I was told by my old RE, he has success with FSH levels in that range and I am not "a lost cause" so I am really hoping that my next FSH level comes back perfectly normal and lower than 10....but they only worry if my levels are over 20 and Premature OVarian Failure or premenopausal levels would be in the 40's.

This has given me tons of hope.

Thanks for listening!!:angel:
Well, it's been a bit since I posted. I've been on an emotional roller coaster this past month. I was diagnosed with POF. I took the clomid challenge and that was the news that I got.

My lab results were:
CD 3 - FSH was 20 (s/b less than 10) Estridil was less than 10 (s/b between 10-60)
CD 10 - FSH was 36.5 (s/b a very small increase from FSH on day 3).
AMH (anti-malarian hormone) checked and it reveals that the reults are true & accurate.

What RE told me is that an FSH level on CD 3 of 14-22 indicates candidate for donor egg, FSH of 23+ indicates post-menopausal.

He gave me the whole donor egg/ivf story. We can't go there. Too expensive, no guaranties.

I just don't know what to do. This is my worst nightmare coming true! I feel so hopeless and empty. I just want to crawl in the bed and never get out.

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