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Hi honey... first I want to say I am sooo sorry you having a difficult time. I just finished my first clomid challenge test. I did not get pregnant however, my RE suggested it due to not knowing my cycle. He felt this is the cheapest way to diagnosis me. I would run a complete cycle with the clomid and he would monitor me until I ovulate. I am very glad I did this. I have now been diagnosised with thin uterine lining and low progesterone and a bacteria that is killing all the sperm. I have been trying to concieve for 6 yrs and never knew I had this problem. My RE said once he had a diagnosis my chances of concieving through IVF would be higher than trying to do IVF and him not having a diagnosis. I only spent $700 to get my diagnosis on a test run verses $15,000 on a test run and possibly not successful do to him doing my case with no knowledge of my cycle and my problems. Now the picture is clear and he knows how to tweak the meds and we are starting our cycle tomorrow. FSH levels I don't know much about. I do know it is important you have 3 full days of AF before the test is ran. The test is not good if done on day 2 or day 4 of cycle. This is what my nurse informed me of. I had a 7.3 FSH level and he told me I was good and had several years before menopause. I don't know what exactly your level means. I do know my level at ovulation was 10.1 FSH and he never said a word about it other than it was normal.

If you are trying the new RE I would definitely let him do the clomid challenge... You probably will not get pregnant however stranger things have happened but you will get your diagnosis so your RE knows how to treat you and how to tweak you meds to make you respond... Good Luck and I really hope this helps


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