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[QUOTE=1999;3913680]I'm going for my 2nd attempt; the first was with fresh embryos (day 3), and the second will be with frozen embryos (blastocyst transfer). My doctor said that everything looked great on paper the last time, so he's not too sure why they didn't implant. I have my fet next week, but we have to make sure that the embryos thaw first. Our insurance doesn't cover infertility treatments, and the cost out of pocket has been crazy, let alone the physical and emotional heartache. We've been ttc for 9 years. I'm 34 and my dh is 31. I'm hoping that things will work this time around. I did try four sessions of accupuncture with my last cycle. Errrrr. Hoping for the best, not just for me, but for all of you as well. If it doesn't work next time round, i am not too sure if i can go through it again.[/QUOTE]
Hi 1999 ,

Did you get pregnant after your second attempt ? I just came back from my first IVF and it was unsuccessful .I am totally lost , I am living in Canada and I don't have any family or friends with me in this hard times . I would love to hear some good news from you.


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